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Fiercechata Performance Bootcamp

This bootcamp is designed to start eliminating negative beliefs about yourself that hold you back, and create beliefs that begin to unleash your full potential. Connect deeply to your mind, body, and spirit so you can exceed your own expectations.


This is a Ladies Bachata Fusion Bootcamp that is going to not only give you amazing dance training, but it will also teach you to become a captivating performer.     

Workshop benefits:

  • Learn to master your mind of limiting beliefs

  • Build confidence and create a powerful image of yourself

  • Boost your standards 

  • Level up your performance and dance skills

  • Train in Ladies Bachata Fusion (bachata, floor-work, heel style, hip hop, jazz)

  • Immediate improvement in balance, spins, and body control

  • Surrounded by an empowering community 

Your growth starts outside of your comfort zone. Take the challenge to not only learn choreography,  but to be able to perform it in three days. Don't doubt yourself. Break free from the fear chains that hold you down. You are greatness. 

 I love the entire structure of the bootcamp! For me it was spiritually and artistically grounding. Definitely helped me focus on the way I speak to myself in my mind as I am learning the choreography!
I’m also super impressed how much I learned via online especially and how sore I was and how much I swear! You’re so phenomenal and I am so grateful I experienced it!!!

Jennifer Fino

Erika you are such an inspiration with your virtual book camp. I felt so good afterwards that I did a performance for my family and my daughter’s are so proud of me. Thank you again for your dedication in your art and passion for dance 💃 the class touched my soul in so many levels. It’s truly a life changing course.

Christine Pangelinan

Thank you! 😍👏🏼👏🏼Sooo much 💖! This bootcamp was invigorating and re-energizing!! Your honest and raw humanity came through in every word and move you shared with us. Your constant positive energy and support was so enjoyable and empowering! 💃🏻💪🏻 I laughed and (cried a little 😁) through the process and loved it. Fantastic group of ladies, great to meet you all. Loved the beautiful performances 😍😍🔥 Can’t wait to learn more from you Fiercechata Queen 👸🏻💚Much Love💚

Claudia Pawl

Fiercechata mindset is everything in anything you do. I went into this bootcamp not knowing anything about this routine. When you feed your mind positivity it opens up possibilities. When you take a class with Erika Saucillo Rivera, she takes care of shutting off that fear of not knowing the routine by reminding you of your greatness, and even if you forget the routine you just go with it and continue to just move your body until you create something unexpected. Stay tuned for her next bootcamp, its fierce!

Lupita Guerrero

I can't wait for the next one! I'm on an absolute high right now! this was awesome and now i want more!

Veronica Larkin

Erika, I'm grateful for this weekend, thank you so much! Your support, enthusiasm, energy, attention, wisdom...


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