Erika Saucillo was born and raised in Los Angeles, California with a passion for dance that started at a very young age. At the age of four she started dance training in Ballet and Ballet Folklorico. Thanks to her Grandmother who snuck her in behind her parents back because she saw her talent and love for dance. Her parents didn't see dance as a future and only allowed her to train in Ballet Folklorico, and so she did for 15 years. 


Instead of her passion ceasing, it grew. In college she started to train in various dance styles such as:  jazz, heels, contemporary, hip hop, salsa, bachata, afro and latin ballroom.


Erika made the decision to go full force with her dance passion when she found Salsa and Bachata and started training with "Alma Latina Los Angeles" directed by the world renown Sergio Jasso and Gaby Equiz. After only a few short months, Erika quickly became the director of one of the largest Salsa/bachata team in Los Angeles, "Quest Salchata Crew" because of her unique style, technique, and poise on the dance floor.  


Within the 9 years of her dance career she traveled all over the world to perform and teach. Places such as: Arizona, Hawaii, Japan, New York, Africa, Seattle, Cuba, San Fransico, Tijuana, Reno, Las Vegas and many different cities throughout California. 


Erika is a champion and top finalists at some of the world's most important Latin dance competitions. She won 3rd place at the World Latin Dance Cup Cha Cha Cha division, 2nd in the Top Female Bachata Social Dancer, and won first place at the 2016 LA top Female Salsa Social Dancer.


She loved dance more than anything, but what truly brought her happiness was the way she was able to uplift people through dance and change lives. She is gifted with the ability to make women feel sexy, confident, and empowered. That was truly her passion. Dance has helped her overcome so many insecurities and she wants to do the same for women all over the world. 


Erika created, Fiercechata. A company with a mission to make women see their true beauty, shine their light, and embody the confidence they were meant to have. 


She started teaching Fiercechata Bootcamps at the end of 2019 and has had amazing success. Students from all over the world are raving about how she made them feel powerful. 


Erika understands that dance pushes you mentally, emotionally, and physically. And because of her background as a personal trainer, she decided to add exercise to condition women's confidence. Exercises is needed for everyone's body to stay healthy but it helps in dance so much because it strengthens the muscles needed to execute the dance moves. And by adding declarations, not affirmations, but declarations to each workout, Erika is empowering everyone to embody their best self. Whether it be I AM POWERFUL, I AM CONFIDENT, I AM MORE THAN ENOUGH, ETC... 


Erika is on a quest to straighten every crown on this Earth and have women strut in their royalty with confidence, self love, and grace. Conquering all their dreams and fulfilling their purpose on this earth




Proudly featured at: 

Los Angeles Bachata Festival - Las Vegas Salsa Congress - World Latin Dance Cup

San Francisco Bachata Congress - Seattle Salsa Congress - Los Angeles Salsa Congress

Tijuana Salsa Festival - Albuquerque Latin Dance Festival

Los Angeles Bachata Kizomba Festival  - Reno Salsa Bachata Festival

 Vancouver Bachata Salsa Kizomba Festival - Aventura Dance Cruise - Arizona Tuscon 

Havana Cuba - New York International Salsa Congress - Fresno Enchilate Salsa - Maui Salsa Bachata Festival

Japan Salsa Congress  Sacramento Salsa Festival - Cape Town Africa