Fiercechata 5 Day Challenge

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Before you read I must say that there are Amazon Affiliate links in this post. There is no extra charge or work for you, but it helps a mama out. “As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.”

So now onto the AMAZING CHALLENGE!

Built to rejuvenate, refresh, and refuel your body and soul?!? Workouts start at 4 mins a day! What!?!?!? 4 minutes to boost your mind, muscles, and vibration. HECK YAS!!!

1. All you need to do is my one of my Fierce Tabata Workouts a day and repeat the affirmations on the video. Write out YOUR FAVORITE "I AM" statement and have it with you in your mind or on your iPhone wallpaper by taking a picture of it. Repeating your I AM statement throughout the day will ensure you engrave that truth in your mind. ***If at first, it’s hard to concentrate on repeating the affirmations as you're working out; no worries. Just keep trying.The more you do it, the easier it will get, and the more those affirmations will hold true in your body, mind, and soul.***

You can do the workouts as many times in a row. (for my 5 day results, I only did them twice in a row. An 8 minutes total workout a day.)

I do use some resistance bands, so here is the link to the ones I use, Gymbee Booty Bands. Love Them!

2. For the simple Meal Plan.

Swap 1-2 meals for these Replacement Smoothies. And of course no JUNK FOOD! THAT'S IT!

BUT ---> If you want to really step up your game in eating right, here is a complete meal plan guide.