How many times have you clapped for your child’s accomplishments? Whether it be because he/she learned how to walk, draw, or scored a goal. It didn’t matter how small or big the accomplishment was, you needed to let them know that you are so proud of them.

How many times have you clapped for yourself?

Or what about when your child didn’t succeed and made mistakes. Did you bring them down by telling them how horrible they are? Did you crush their confidence by saying they will never get it? Did you always bring it back up to remind them of their past failings?

How many times have you done that to yourself?

It’s so easy for us to look at our failures and believe that’s who we are. It’s easy to not forgive ourselves and constantly bring up negative past memories. It’s easier to feel angry with ourselves than proud.

But why? If we have so much love to give to our child/children and others, why can’t that love be shown to ourselves?


It’s a habit for us to focus on our mistakes, to look in the mirror and hate the reflection, and to bring ourselves down.

But realize that your past doesn’t make you who you are now. Your mistakes don’t define your future. Your unforgiveness to yourself doesn't make your life better. Other people's opinion of you doesn't make them right!

What you do now in this present moment is what makes you---> YOU. What you say now to yourself will define your future. What you think now is what's going to determine your life.

So many of us have given up on life and feel like we’re supposed to have problems. We're supposed to feel sad, depressed, and ugly. We're supposed to not feel confident. This is normal.

But it’s only normal if you make it normal because I’m here to tell you, you’re not supposed to feel anything less than a GODDESS EMPRESS.

And this is not to say that you won’t have reasons to feel sad or mad, but I mean towards yourself. What you think about yourself and your place on this earth. What you see when you look in the mirror. What you tell yourself when you make mistakes or you face obstacles in life.

GODDESS EMPRESS knows that she can conquer all obstacles. GODDESS EMPRESS knows the power of her words and only speaks loving words to herself when she looks in a mirror. GODDESS EMPRESS forgives herself because she knows she is powerless if she doesn’t. GODDESS EMPRESS admires all of her achievements and strives to become a better version of herself every day.

And how do we start to become this GODDESS EMPRESS? Habit.

Change your habits, change your frame of mind, and change your life for the better. Not only for you but for your entire family. FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD FOR THAT MATTER!

There are enough sadness and negativity in this world. Taking out that negativity from yourself means you become a light in this world. A light we need.

So here is a TOOL I’ve created to help me stop my negative self habit.

C.L.A.P. *Compassion*Love*Appreciation*Persevere*

Clap loud and clap abruptly when you notice your mind going into this rabbit hole of self-sabotage.

Clap loud and clap abruptly when you start to remember a past mistake or argument and you start to feel angry or sad.

Clap loud and clap abruptly when you look in the mirror and start to name all your “flaws”.

Clap loud and clap abruptly when you feel anything less than GODDESS EMPRESS!

Remember what clap really means. Whether it be for yourself or for another person (because when you don’t forgive another person, it does more harm to you than to them). Send compassion, love, appreciation, and persevere to be the best version of yourself.

And to add on, when you achieve something in your life, big or tiny, clap for yourself like you did when your child first learned how to walk. That clap is like nothing else and you need to give it to yourself too.

Much love and light <3


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