Just Roll With It

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

How many times in our life have we had some trials to go through? Some pain to overcome,whether physical ,mental, or emotionally. Some of those trials pushes us to the point where we feel like we can't go on.

You are not alone. And those hard times are not to break you, but to strengthen you for what's coming next in your life.

You know as a dancer or any athlete we roll out our muscles. Why? Because we are preventing the muscle from tightening up. We are rolling to prevent an injury. Or the muscles are already tight and we are loosening them up.

The pain we feel when we are rolling is only temporary and if we do it consistently, that pain won't be so bad. But we know that even if the roller is "hurting" us, it is truly for our benefit. The roller is healing us and making us stronger.

Life is no different. The more we roll with it and believe it is for us, not against us, the more we live a life of good health, happiness, and strength.

Giving yourself constant praise, love, and compassion is like rolling out your muscles everyday. Massaging out your energy to raise and keep you healthy.

There is something you can find to be proud of everyday. Big or small. There is always an opportunity to tell yourself, "You're Amazing." "You are strong." "You are capable of anything." So that when hard times come, and they will, you know that you got your own back. You will have your love to show you your strength. You will have your love to let go of stress and flow fearless with where life is taking you.

Roll with the changes in life. Roll with the mistakes you make and give yourself compassion. Roll with the mistakes others make and forgive quickly. Roll with the ups and the downs knowing that in the end everything is going to work out. And the more you roll the easier life will be.

You are exactly where you need to be, and if you do not like where you are today, you have the power to your dream destination. But first you must to relax and roll with the now. Trust God, the universe, and source energy that all is in your favor. Do not fight it. Find the lessons.Grow. Love. Accept. Roll.