Smoothie Ideas

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

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Smoothies are no doubt the easiest way to get your vitamins and minerals. They are also a no brainer when it comes to weightless. Replacing one or two meals for a smoothie is a great way to loss weight and feel great nutritionally.

Protein Powders are also the beenezzz to getting your protein in. It tastes so good! But Vegan Protein is the way to go! Vega Essentials Protein Powder is one of my favorites! Our bodies break down the proteins better and easier. Look at the biggest and strongest animals on this planet. (ie. elephants, gorillas, ox, rhino, boars, etc...) they all eat plants! Why? Because plants are the best way to get all your nutrition. Especially protein.

So have an amazing time feeling better with these meal replacement smoothies. You'll see a difference in your skin too when you eat more plants :) and less processed foods. (even vegan processed meats aren't the healthiest)

Also at the bottom of this post is a really yummy infused water. Have it handy to spice up your water drinking. You can click on photo to head to that website.

Ginger Anti-Bloat

Serves 1

  1. ½ a medium peach

  2. ½ cup of fresh papaya

  3. ¼ cup-½ cup pineapple cubes

  4. 1 small chunk of fresh ginger

  5. 2 mint leaves

  6. 1 cup of water

  7. 1 handful of fresh spinach leaves

  8. 1 handful of cilantro