Vegan Chickpea Veggie Omelette

This is an amazing alternative to the egg omelette. There are no risk of cardiovascular disease and its packed with healthy nutrients to fuel your day!

Before you go on, I must say that there are Amazon Affiliate links in this post. There is no extra charge or work for you, but it helps a mama out. “As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.”

Get creative and add whatever veggies you love. If you want to add some vegan cheese I suggest using The Cashew Cheese or make your own. I also love Miyoko Brand cheese. You can find it in sprouts and recently in Target! Not all vegan cheeses are healthy. It is still processed vegan food, but by far these have the best ingredients.

Now onto the recipe. Again everyone has a different taste bud and you are an amazing cook, so feel free to add a little more or a little less of any ingredient to suit you and your family. Much Love and Enjoy!

Omelette Batter

1/4 cup Chickpea Flour

1/4 -1/3 teaspoon Turmeric

1 tablespoon Nutritional Yeast

1/4 teaspoon Baking Powder

1/4-1/3 teaspoon fresh or dried Rosemary

1/4-1/3 teaspoon Garlic Powder

a Pinch of Pink Salt or Sea Salt

1/3 cup Water

Veggie Filling

In total this should fill a 1/4 cup.

If you want your omelette to over fill with veggies, add more. If you are just getting use to the veggies, start small <3

Slice Mushrooms

Diced Red Bell Pepper

Diced Spinach

Diced Red Onion

Diced Asparagus

Crumbled Head of Broccoli

Oil to Cook Omelette

1/2 tablespoon of Avocado Oil or Coconut Oil


  1. Put oil in Pan and set it for low. This will start warming up the pan very slowly, which will ensure no stickyness. Side note: a

  2. Mix all the dry ingredients together in a non-stick bowl. Start with the Chickpea flour and go down the list. Make sure you mix really good before you add the water.

  3. Add your water in a circular motion so that it is easier to whisk together. There should be no lumps or very few at the end.

  4. Turn up the heat to low medium or medium on your stove.

  5. Option! You can add your veggies to the batter and mix or you can add your veggies to the pan to cook for about 2 minutes before adding batter. The difference: Adding your veggies to the pan before mixing it with the batter will allow your veggies to cook before hand, leaving them softer. (My personal preference is adding the veggies to the batter and cooking everything together.)

  6. If you cooked the veggies first, remove from pan and set aside.

  7. Add the batter to the pan, cover and cook for about 3-5 minutes. You will know when it is ready when the sides are dry and the middle isn't wet. (think of it like pancakes)

  8. Add your veggies to one side of the omelette and fold over.

  9. If you cooked your veggies and batter together, follow rule 7 and that's it :)

  10. Serve immediately and enjoy!

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