When we are learning how to dance, many of us put ourselves down for not looking a certain way, or cut ourselves short because we do not believe we can improve. 

The mere tolerance to our own self-sabotage stunts our growth and even the possibilities to what we can achieve. 

The word beginner might even come off as a negative statement in your mind. A statement that causes shyness and embarrassment. 

But the word beginner is far from any form of negativity. To begin something new is such an amazing thing. To begin you must first fight the fear of it, so you are already doing amazing things when you are just beginning. 

When we begin with a negative mindset, confidence is out the window, and feeling proud of ourselves is not welcomed.

These classes are here to change that. 

Beginners FierceCasses are all about empowerment during improvement. You will be technically trained as well as mentally so that you can strut in your life like never before. 

Class Breakdown

1.5 hours of training

  • We begin with grounding ourselves into this present moment and become more mentally awakened. 

  • We then focus on strength, flexibility, balance techniques, and confidence drills to be able to walk in heels like your Empress self should. 

    • Every exercise we will do has the purpose to activate that inner dancing queen. Enhancing your dance technique while strengthening the powerful connection to who you are today.

  • We finish with learning a sexy, classy bachata fusion Fiercechata Combo. 

    • This combo will increase your balance, performance, strength, grounding, turns and confidence.